KAWAII CAFÉ: The Monster Freakshakes

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Freakshakes have become a trend in Davao now, because aside from it being summer, the look itself is definitely mouth-watering. Moreover, speaking about these monster milk shakes, Kawaii Café is on Davao’s top of the list.

Kawaii Café is not new in Davao, although the location is as it relocated from being a hole in the wall along Ponciano Street into an edgy café with a colorful interior at Plaza De Bole Compound in F. Torres Street. I don’t have any photos of the place as I was restricted from taking some shots by one of their staff. However, talking about the place per se, it is indeed worth to pay a visit.
Colorado Vodka Boozy

In addition, if I were to rate the place, I am giving it a good 8/10 stars. I love the cute Hello Kitty visual appearance that helps create an atmosphere of fascination and a bit otherworldly. Also, it has a small room good for group exclusive meet ups. Despite not having taken any pictures of the place, I was able to record some clips for my vlog below. But that’s just hush hush. Haha!

Express Baileys Boozy

The food and drinks served here complement the wacky yet cute interior and guarantee guests to have an unforgettable dining experience for both food and art. Nevertheless, I will not be focusing on the food of the resto, although we ordered a few, but rather on their famed Monster Freakshakes.

Double Chocolate Regular Freakshakes

So together with my colleagues, we ordered a total of five freakshakes of different flavors; pricing of which is P175 for Regular freakshakes, P200 for Extra freakshakes with overloaded desserts on top of it and P200 for Boozy freakshakes that has a  shot of liquor of your choice.

Cookies & Cream Regular Freakshakes

For Regular Freakshakes, we ordered Cookies & Cream and the Double Chocolate. Then upgraded our Vanilla milk shake to an Extra Freakshake and finally settled with a strong taste for our last two freakshakes, which were Colorado Vodka Boozy and Express Baileys Boozy Freakshakes.

Vanilla Extra Freakshakes

So, it doesn’t taste good actually and I don’t want to comment on each taste as they vary only on the desserts and liquors added, but they’re just basically the same milkshakes of different flavors. Albeit it looks luscious, they taste bland in unison. The desserts on top of each freakshake are just average as well. The twist on adding liquors on the freakshakes is good, but it’s killing the sweetness of the milkshakes itself. Therefore, I’m kinda disappointed on that part.

But overall, I had fun at Kawaii Café with my team. It’s a good one-time experience. Do watch my vlog below of my first Kawaii Cafe experience.

A visit to Kawaii Cafe is good if you just want to try it out for the first time. However, it is still your discretion, though if you want to come back as we all have different preferences. I hope this won't affect your decision as this is purely my opinion and if given a chance, I wouldn’t mind giving it a try a second time around. I just don’t like how they have an overpriced menu with a taste that is totally overrated. Nonetheless, the place really looks cute.

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