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From a twitter war on where Davao’s best bagoong is, to an official Tuesdate with the squad to try the newest resto in the metro, off we went to the Bagoong Club Resto. The resto just recently opened at 123 University Avenue corner Talisay Street, Juna Subdivision, Davao City and is actually an old house remodelled into a restaurant with an ambience that is welcoming, as if you’re just at home.

Service-wise, it’s satisfactory. The servers are very friendly, pleasant and accommodating. It didn’t take too long for them to serve our food. The price on the other hand is reasonable enough with a serving ranging from P30 to P530 – and there are dishes that are enough for 3 to 5 persons already. Not bad at all.

Bagoong Club Resto Davao is a restaurant that reinvents dishes and complements it with the Pinoy favorite “bagoong”. Bagoong is a salted and fermented fish paste. On this first visit, we ordered Poqui-poqui, Manggang Hilaw sa Bagoong, Chicharon Bulaklak, and Crispy Pork Binagoongan. On top of that, they served us free appetizers, a plate of turnips with two types of bagoong, the sweet and spicy bagoong. We paid almost P1,500 for everything, including service charge for 5 heads; drinks already included.

The food we ordered were good, but compared with other restos, Bagoong Club Resto Davao is just average. It may be because I expected too much or the food per se lacked a little punch, a stronger bagoong flavor perhaps.

The Crispy Pork Binagoongan was a bit bland for me. The sauce was decent enough, but didn’t have any distinct taste and the bagoong added to it was disappointingly weak. I wish there was a bagoong thump lingering inside my mouth. In addition, the pork was no longer crispy, probably because it’s been soaked in its sauce for too long (?) nonetheless the pork meat remained juicy and tender.

Next up is Poqui-poqui, which is a native Ilocano vegetable dish. This is actually my comfort food when I was still in GenSan with my family as my Dad used to cook this every day and I didn’t have any choice but to eat it since I know nothing about cooking then. Haha! Therefore, I can say that my Dad’s dish was much better than Bagoong Club’s Poqui-poqui, theirs was just fine, nothing exceptional.

Saving my night was the plateful of Chicharon Bulaklak that was so crispy that you can literally hear the person across enjoying each piece. My cardiologist will surely kill me for saying this, but each piece was a bite of heaven and don’t we only live once? Haha!

Everyone’s favorite Manggang Hilaw sa Bagoong doesn’t need any caption. Regardless of how you prepare it, it is always good and mouth-watering for many. For every P120 serving, you’re free to choose your type of bagoong. I’m just not sure if you can ask for a free refill. That I forgot to ask.

Overall, it somehow did not meet my expectation, although the experience was good, and I had fun dining at Bagoong Club Resto Davao with my squad and will surely come back to try the other dishes on their menu. Not bad for a first timer so I’ll see you again, Bagoong Club Resto, soon.

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