MySkin Origins: Pino Tropika Experience

9:44 AM
I got another soap from MySkin Origins’ exquisite skin care line and I have been using this for quite some time already; if my memory is correct, I have been using it for almost four months now. My first bar was actually from the event I attended last December and when I asked about it from my friends who’ve used the product – I got nothing but good reviews. Meet the MySkin Origins’ Pino Tropika soap…

I didn’t get to use Pino Tropika right away, it only caught my attention four months ago when I opened my drawer to get a bar of my usual soap and out of nowhere, my nose picked up a weird yet delightful fruity cocktail scent coming from a bar of soap that just begged to be used.

Pino Tropika happens to be one of the easiest soaps to 'foam up' and leaving it soaked in water would result to it short life span. Nonetheless, because of the soap’s even and lenient texture, it produces a rich, creamy lather, which instantly softens your skin and is great at removing dry skin and dirt, without being too harsh on your skin.

Every time I use Pino Tropika soap, it smells as if I just cut open a fresh pineapple! With its sweet and juicy fragrance, it feels like summer all year round. However, the scent becomes weak after opening its box and it only seems to highlight itself when being used and rubbed all over your body.

Pino Tropika is organic and is as natural as you can get containing ingredients intended to moisturize and cleanse your skin to a high degree. Pino Tropika also helps brighten the skin's appearance, making it a perfect for everyday use.

The Pino Tropika makes me feel clean and fresh, making my skin look rejuvenated and moisturized instantaneously. Even so, it won’t make you whiter as it’s not a whitening soap, it will only make your skin feel really smooth, moisturized and brighter. And that, I believe, is more than enough to keep you beautiful each day.

So to stay young with a healthy looking skin, grab your own My Skin Origins' Pino Tropika now! Or visit My Skin Origins at Door 2, #93 Jacinto Street, Davao City ad start your #MySkinJourney today!

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