DAD’s Three Secret Sweet Love Signals

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Just because your Dad isn’t the openly affectionate and dramatic kind of dude, it doesn’t mean he loves you any less. Dads in general are actually like that, but I can tell how much my Dad loves me through all the little and thoughtful things he does for me.

He is remarkably tough and when he gives his pieces of advice, they’re always spot-on and will surely give you the feels. He continues to teach me things I consider dear in my entire life – lessons meant to be passed on to the next generation.

Though my Dad is not that expressive, I am very sure that he loves me through these three sweet secret love signals that are wordlessly noticeable. C’mon Dad, admit it Haha!


When I was still in high school, I consistently received good grades, awards and other recognition that only he knew about. In fact, though unbelievable, I represented the school for a math wizard competition and my mom never knew about it. Later that night after the final contest, Dad organized a small party for no apparent reason (only he and I knew about it).

Moreover, I can still remember how some of my Dad’s friends tapped me on my back after a day or two of receiving an award in school or being promoted in my jobs. It was just very strange how they came to know all these things when I only shared it with my family.

Apparently, Dad is more than just my number one fan, he would not admit it, but I know he’s been bragging about me to his friends. I just get to find out later what he did when his friends, out of nowhere, would bring up my achievements and congratulate me for a job well done. These are dead giveaways of how much I mean to him.


No matter what Dad is doing, he would always have time for me. His show of support, be it physical or spiritual, always warms and melts my heart.
When I was diagnosed with a heart problem, Dad acted as if he didn't care about me. However, he just randomly tapped and hugged me almost every day. We never talked about my health issue, but neither did I feel alone at that point in my life because of him, because he was there. He didn’t say a single word, instead he touched my weak soul and urged it to be strong.

Likewise, every time I had personal problems at school, be exhausted from work or am just simply broken hearted, Dad just knows when I need a tight hug and reassurance that everything will be okay; he doesn’t bother to ask unnecessarily, he knows instantly what I need.
And that I guess is the most precious thing in the world, not a word, but a connection, an instinct to comfort you.


Dad doesn’t talk too much. In fact, you hardly see him talking to us. Nevertheless, his gestures speak volumes. How are we at home? We are just fine. Dad doesn’t interact that much just like some of the dads out there – he just loves to cook, drink his favorite rum with friends or watch his old classic Pinoy movies.

In line with that, the kind of Dad that I have could be described as a dad whose ways are too hushed to notice.

He is very random, however, when you see him and he gives you a big hug, you instantly feel super loved.

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