A Night Of Firsts │ Color Manila Run Experience

3:11 AM
Following the success of the past two years, third time’s the charm for Color Manila Run as it invaded  Davao once again to strike the night sky with magnificent neon colors. Hundreds of runners joined  this amazing fun night run that assuredly lit everybody’s spirits – including mine. 

All throughout the course, there was a water cannon that bombed massive amounts of water in preparation for the entry into the color zones which threw neon colored powder onto the runners. Running at your own pace, this untimed run was just so perfect for me.

Fun runs are nothing new to me as I have joined fun runs before but this is my first time to get involved in a night run activity. I was hesitant at first due to a conflict in my schedule and my state of health, but I sure am glad to have gone through as I had so much fun while running.

Not only was it my first time to join a night run, it was my first time as well to experience a color run action and it was perfectly a good night for me, not to mention , I also joined the dance contest  for the first time with my  Davao Bloggers Society squad.

First time ever to receive a finisher’s medal though… and my first time to finally survive a fun run again knowing what my health is up against. Now, that’s a great achievement for me.

Ended the night with a blast as it painted a beautiful smile on my face, which made me look glowing more than I thought possible. This experience indeed one for the books and I am looking forward to run again in next year’s Color Manila Run – Davao.

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