Holcim Philippines launched Build to Win Promo

6:22 AM
As one of the leading building solution providers in the country, Holcim Philippines has launched their biggest promotion yet aiming to leverage sales and strengthen their position as part of their legacy as cement manufacturer in Mindanao.

Committed to the highest standards of sustainable operations and manufacturing excellence, Holcim Philippines is raffling off brand new Toyota Wigos, Vios, and Ford Raptors!

The promo is called Build To Win which also aims to encourage the cement buyers, the hardware store manufacturers, and the community to use Holcim products to build strong, durable, and high quality structures.


The promo is available to all Holcim cement buyers and all hardware stores that sold Holcim products.


Here’s how you can simply earn your entries.
  • Earn an entry for every 10 bags (40 Kilograms) of Holcim Excel, Holcim Solido, or Holcim Wallright.
  • Earn an entry for every 5 bags of Holcim Skim Coat or Holcim Tile Adhesive.
  • Earn an entry for every 800,000 kilograms of cement bulk purchase.

Please note that for the hardware stores that sold the Holcim products also receive a price if their customers are drawn.


There will be a total of 10 brand new cars to giveaway including the aforementioned brand of cars. A total of 14 motorcycles, 24 smartphones and tables, and a whooping Php8.5 million worth of gift certificates.


The Build To Win promo will run from March 1 to November 30, 2021. All eligible entries will have the chance to win hundred of prizes stored throughout the promo duration.

Holcim Philippines will draw winners in June, September, and December 2021.

More details are available on Holcim Philippines’ Facebook page.

We are excited to hold this timely contest in Mindanao, which we expect to have a strong construction activity this year and moving forward. Aside from driving sales, the Build to Win contest is another way to reward our customers here while encouraging more people to try our various products. We at Holcim Philippines are confident that end-users will find that our offerings can help them build strong, durable and high quality structures and encourage them to become regular customers.” — Paulo Tan, Holcim Philippines Vice President and Head of Sales for Visayas and Mindanao.

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