First Time Pet Parent Must-Haves

10:14 AM

Raising a pup can be extremely exciting and fun. This is what I felt when I had my first fur baby, Peachy. While everything is unfamiliar to me, I went on all my research to safeguard her welfare. 

However, despite being prepared, the process wasn’t an easy feat. It was stressful most of the time. There’s still a lot to take into consideration and responsibilities to shoulder.

That being mentioned, I don’t want this to happen to you, and so I have noted some things you must have and do before being on board with your new family member.


Food is the most fundamental thing on the list since it’s a vital necessity for your baby. Just like humans, pets also require food. Giving your furbaby a higher quality food contributes to their healthier life, like a balanced muscle and frame condition, a fuller hair and coat, and proper body digestion.

What I can suggest is to visit your local veterinary and ask for some advice on which food is best for your baby. While table food is accepted, you must consider what their dietary restrictions are, if there’s any, to avoid improper nourishment.


Dogs are born attention-seekers. All they wish is to be with their hooman all the time. However, despite being too-clingy, they require having their personal space too. That is why getting your furbaby their bed should be on the list.

Pet beds are a must-have, so your dogs can have their nook to lay down, fall asleep, and be themselves. Besides, it’s not lavish. It’s easy to purchase since it’s available on any online shopping platform in the Philippines.


Playing is a fun experience for your furbaby. It stimulates their active side. Therefore, getting them some toys is important so they don’t develop certain concerns like anxiety, boredom, or any related issues that might lead to poor behavior.

It’s unavoidable, but sometimes, you need to leave your pets home alone, so with comfort toys around, they have an outlet to follow their instincts. 

Balls, plush toys, tug ropes, squeaky and chewing toys are the ones you must have on the list. The list goes on.


Regardless of whether it’s spoiling them or helping reinforce their exemplary behavior, treats are essential to hold their focus. More importantly, it makes them happy.

While it’s a good source of vitamins and nutrients, treats need to be checked by your local veterinarian to protect them from allergies since processed treats are not good if you own a small breed furbaby.


There’s no definite time requirement when owning a dog, especially if it’s your first time. But it requires major commitment, so it’s important to spend more time with them. That’s why it is likewise essential that when getting a furbaby, it should suit your lifestyle.

Remember, dogs in general are pack animals, and it is something that cannot be ignored. They require a lot of love, attention, and companionship. 

Having stated all that, please note that getting your furbaby for the first time and bringing them into your life is associated with a lot of responsibilities. It can be the best thing in life, and it’s no secret why dogs are our best friends. So let’s return the favor by adopting a new one.

And to keep you started with the list of items to buy, they’re all available online. It wasn’t a hassle for me since everything is a click-away using my phone and knowing that I have a very reliable fibre optic PLDT Home internet at home.

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