GRWM: Instagram-Ready Peachy

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Social media is growing swiftly, and it has created a modern system where we can access anything and everything we could think of — particularly Instagram, which tells a story through photographs and videos. However, the trend is no longer just about the best fashion, your perfect selfies, or a snapshot of the most fascinating place you’ve been to. It is like a place where your feed can be a platform of adorable animal photos.

Surprisingly, the online community of pets and their humans has substantially increased, and they’re just everywhere. I guess sharing photos of my fur baby online modifies the game of algorithms and influences what information would blow up first on my timeline.

This has developed into an inspiration for me to share more of my pet story and connect with other pet lovers online. But how do I prepare Peachy for her Instagram shots? 

Set up the Instagram Account

Creating an Instagram for Peachy is easy since I have an existing personal account. All I need to do is build an extension for easy access — thanks to Instagram's updated features for content creators.

You can check Peachy’s account here: @peachy.yukio

Get the Grooming rollin'!

Peachy drinks a lot of water every single day, but she hates it when it’s bath time already. However, I understand it would take effort to get her comfortable with the routine.

I brush her hair regularly and even before taking a bath just to create a routine for her. This is also an efficient consideration to lessen the dirt on her furs and skin, so we can just spend less time inside the bathroom cleaning her up. 

Picking the right OOTD

Peachy doesn’t have much in her wardrobe since I cannot even go out to buy her some clothes because of the pandemic restrictions. However, I still have quite a few that she can comfortably wear for the gram.

While I know that pet outfits are incredibly fun to put on, like for costume play, I would rather focus on neutral tops that she’s comfortable wearing without compromising the quality and fit.

Smile at the camera 

Well, taking photos of Peachy is difficult. If she’s not in the mood, then I can’t burden her to pose in front of the camera. That’s why I’m cautious with the process--from taking her to the bathroom to choosing the appropriate outfit for her to wear. 

Pets do not understand what we’re trying to do.

So, I used a lot of stuff like treats or her favorite toys to lure her attention to the camera. I take many pictures just to have more options. 

Sharing photos of Peachy online has never been a struggle, thanks to PLDT Home who constantly provides a remarkably reliable fiber internet service. The network is so stable that I can monitor her Instagram journey 24/7.

Lastly, I always make sure that I’m doing this just for fun and not forcing my baby to take a pose for the gram, especially if she’s not in the mood. Besides, this is not all about the likes. I want to genuinely spread happiness to the online community.

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