The Blog That Has Taken Me To Places I Never Imagined

11:49 PM

It's been more than a decade since I stumbled into the world of blogging. I recall being ignorant at the time since I meant to simply express my thoughts, experiences, and anything else that came to mind. I had not anticipated that anyone would read my writings. I wasn't even serious about it at the time, as blogging wasn’t a thing in 2011.

But now, as I think about it, I understand I was writing about things that were significant to me and how essential my self-thought was. Indeed, blogging has provided me with an opportunity to express myself freely, and it turns out that I actually enjoy what I'm doing, which is a surprise and amazing feeling.

My blog began as a diary, a personal space that has since evolved into something far more significant. It has not only provided me with a comfort haven, but it has also allowed me to be creative and substantially increased my skills and experience over the years.

I vividly recall that it all started when I received an email from a national brand magazine, in collaboration with another big brand, informing me that I had been nominated for Best Blog in the Text Category. Then it drew some businesses to collaborate with me on features and other writeups to increase their media mileage.

Through this chance, I've gained an understanding of how broad and innovative the industry is and uncovered that there are local communities in my area that I can join.

I was a member of a local blogging community before relocating to the new city where I currently reside. The organization has given me numerous insights into how things work and how I may expand my network and influence.

What inspires me more than being a part of a local community is the work we perform away from our online platforms. We do community service, workshops, and seminars for others.

While it is regrettable that I was forced to relocate owing to professional growth, I was fortunate to find a new blogging home.

This time, I'm being nurtured with the assistance of blogging professionals. I went to numerous workshops and training sessions merely to improve myself and adapt to the shifting interests of the readers. I occasionally put myself to the test by taking part in a couple of monthly blog challenges for the organization.

Now, what I hope to accomplish is to increase my knowledge in digital design and other new social media platforms to stay on trend. Increase my familiarity with the process of SEO for my blog platform, which this webinar could assist with.

I even went to a national blogger event to socialize and expand my network. I was invited to numerous establishments for sponsorship. I have traveled to different local places several times for brand agreements. It felt just like a rollercoaster, but it was a lot of fun.

As a result of this experience, I now have the opportunity to share what I've learned with others as a speaker. And accomplish feats I never imagined myself capable of, which is why Celia Abernethy's spotlight interview was so relatable to me.

Now that I have a significant readership, I intend to continue learning to provide further value.

While I am not as successful blogger as others, this blog life has taken me to places I never imagined.

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