Why You'll Love Living in Ontario

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Canada offers many desirable amenities in its provinces. The overall tone of Canada is thought to be that of a very polite and kind neighbor. You can be sure that this is also true for Ontario. Folks say that it is one of the cleanest places to live and one of the most multicultural. Let’s take a deep dive into some of the best parts of Ontario and more specifically Toronto.


As one of the most integral destinations in Canada, Toronto has an array of fantastic culinary delights. Experience world-class dining in some of the premier restaurants in Toronto. Some of their main dishes are veal sandwiches, mustard and bacon rolls, and anything maple syrup.

The maple leaf is such a signature of Canada, it is on their national flag. It is also the name of their national hockey team the Toronto Maple Leafs. There are also annual festivals that are purely dedicated to maple syrup. Currently, Canada produces 80% of the world’s maple syrup.

Canada also has authentic ethnic Chinese and Vietnamese food as opposed to U.S.-style Chinese food. Toronto has a huge Chinatown district that is home to many Chinese-Canadians who pride themselves on their cultural culinary creations.

Public Transit

While viewing homes for sale in Toronto and you realize you need to save some money, you’ll love saving gas with the public transit system of Toronto. Generally, large cities are not the best place to operate your vehicle. There is the subway, which is the most popular way of traveling. 

Buses and streetcars are another way of getting around the city. Although this is now the busiest light rail system in North America, at one point it was almost abandoned. The Toronto Transit Commission planned on removing the streetcars but the residents of Toronto were strongly opposed to it and they started a group to execute a plan to fight it.

Lastly, biking is another pocket-friendly way of getting from one place to another in Toronto. The culture of cycling is quite popular in Ontario. Much of the city is bike-friendly and built for those who prefer to travel this way. 


If you are inclined to live in colder temperatures, or at least don’t mind the cold of winters, then you will enjoy living in Ontario. Toronto doesn’t have as frigid temperatures as other parts of Canada, however, winter temperatures are sure to be quite chilly.

But the weather in Canada is not all cold. Canada sees all four seasons represented in its weather. However, spring tends to be a bit short-lived as summer heat kicks in during May. You can count on about 4 solid months of cold winter.

Generally, if you are not the type of person to be comfortable outside of warmer climates, then you probably wouldn’t be looking for real estate in Ontario. Winter is what this country is well known for and maybe even because of its relationship with the National Hockey League.

Well, we most certainly couldn’t have created ice hockey without the ice! However, you won’t only be subjected to the frigid temperatures of winter, you will get to enjoy other seasons as well. 

Toronto living has a wide range of amazing attractions besides just these three, but weather, food, and traveling to get said food are probably what most people are concerned with. Or maybe not. Either way, we all have these concerns and more when it comes to relocation. Ease your mind with your move to be assured you will love Toronto.

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