My EXO 10th Anniversary Experience as a Host and Program Team Head of Eristale

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Since I began my EXOL journey, it has been my goal to meet the group in person, attend all of their concerts, and collect their merchandise. However, because I became a fan during the group's military era and we are amid a pandemic, the only way for me to support them has been through listening to their music, watching their appearances on television shows, following their drama series, and conversing with other fans about them.

I'm constantly reading articles about them, getting confirmation of some earlier difficulties, and picking up on some of the fans inside jokes that only a true blood EXOL would get. I also made a point of watching the group's previous performances and listening to their songs from their debut to the present.

This is sure to keep me informed about what is truly happening in the fandom.

As a result, when the EXO 10th Anniversary presented itself and I saw an opportunity to become a more engaged fan, I jumped at the chance without hesitation. I was accepted as a volunteer after filling out an online application.

How it All Begun

When I was chosen to be a part of the team, I made a point of being proactive in assisting and offering my opinions on how to make the event more manageable for everyone, despite the time constraint. Fortunately, I was assigned to lead the Program Team, which is responsible for organizing the entire program on event day, working with the event flow and determining what elements need to be added to make it more engaging and memorable for attendees.

Planning was never easy for anyone because we had to adhere to government regulations surrounding health requirements, which meant that a lot of details had to be examined carefully. Additionally, we've been forced to change venue less than a month before the event owing to weather concerns and venue arrangement issues.

Additionally, everyone is a stranger because we have not met since we began planning the event, as everything is handled virtually. So, we only have meetings at certain times to make sure everyone is there.

Despite the difficulties, we were able to get the job done thanks to the effective delegation of work and the promise of everyone to do their best to make it happen.

Stage Outfit Inspired by EXO-CBX’ King and Queen

A month before the event, I already have an outfit planned that I'm confident will work because it's the easiest to pull off. As a result, I ordered the costume online and ensured that I had everything on hand several days before the event.

When my order arrived, I was a little disappointed with what I received because it did not satisfy me at all. The size is larger than I anticipated, and it is uncomfortable to wear for my dress rehearsal. At the time, I was concerned since I had already spent money on the costume but was not experiencing the kind of joy I had envisioned. Thus, I combed the internet for anything and everything related to EXO's costumes and ensembles from their albums, performances, concerts, guest appearances, and photoshoots.

With less than a week till the event, I still don't have an alternative costume and I'm already nervous, given that I'll be hosting and need to look good in front of the crowd.

Fortunately, I recalled that in December, I came across this one EXO-CBX costume that I saved on my phone because it's gorgeous and I like it. I was reserving it because I already own a comparable outfit from a previous event that, when adjusted, would appear identical.

So, I took it out of the closet and immediately took it to the nearest tailoring shop to get it tailored to appear exactly like what EXO-CBX was wearing. They wore the attire during their Magical Circus tour in Japan.

Despite his busy schedule, the tailor assured me that he would prioritize my costume because the event was in two days. Although I'll have to pay an additional fee, at the very least he was able to complete my desired look overnight.


The day of the event has arrived!

I wasn't able to take many shots because I was hosting the event and was focused on doing a good job. I didn't even follow the script I wrote because I was enjoying the moment and, with such an engaged audience, it went very smoothly.

I was a little concerned about whether the audience was satisfied with my performance, but it appears that they were, based on the positive feedback I received. This is my first time hosting an event, and I'm pleased with how well it went.

I truly cannot articulate how I feel; all I can say is that I am glad for the opportunity. I'm also grateful to those who have placed their trust in me and believe in my ability.

Finally, this is history. I'm the first to host an EXO fan gathering in Davao. Here's my TikTok video of what transpired during that day. Click here

And to our nine boys, a very Happy 10th Anniversary!

Cheers to an incredible decade and many more to come!

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