Always a Mother’s Day with Pocky

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Mother's Day is approaching fast, and while it is a day for connection and warm memories, it can intensify the pain of those whose mothers are no longer with them or in their lives.

My mother died back in 2018. After a few months of grieving, when I began to feel like things were slowly returning to normal, you were suddenly confronted with the reality that she was no longer present because of holidays and traditions such as Mother's Day.

However, in the years since she's been gone, I've celebrated Mother's Day in a variety of ways. Since I'm also away from home, I treat myself to a nice meal, a hotel room to sleep in, a trip, or anything else that brings me comfort and a smile. I just feel like self-care would be a worthwhile effort on my part that I'm sure my mother would gladly make for me.

When my mother was still alive, I always sent her nice flowers or chocolate, and with so many sweet ways to say "thank you" and "I love you," I always gave her a box of Pocky, as it has been her favorite snack to munch on. After all, it's the sweetest acknowledgment I can give for her genuine love and effort.

This is why I always have a Pocky with me, or at the very least a few boxes in my room; it gives me the sense that she is right there with me and that it is always Mother's Day.

Pocky was one of my favorite snacks as a child, and it remains one of my go-to snacks to this day. This is probably because my mother is addicted to it and we are influenced by her. Additionally, it's a very convenient and great on-the-go snack, as each box contains a few individually packaged boxes.

Pocky sticks have the perfect amount of snap when biting into them, and I enjoy the variety of flavors available in the coating. The only thing that's causing me and mom difficulty is deciding on a favorite, as there are so many to choose from and they're all addictive.

So, I've been snacking on Pocky for years and am relieved that it's now so widely available. And if you're still undecided about the best Mother's Day gift to give your mothers, look no further than Pocky and Pretz, who never disappoint.

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