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I noticed a familiar design in one of the boxes containing my extra phone cases as I was doing my weekly routine of room cleaning. It was actually my favorite phone case, and God knows how many phone cases I own, there are literally dozens.

It's my favorite game boy phone case where I can play a variety of childhood games, but the majority of the games that are programmed into it are different versions of Tetris. I acquired it approximately seven years ago when I purchased my first iPhone 6+.

I recall having an old game boy that I had to carry around with me all the time for the reason that it was a gift from my mother's best friend. Since I was the only one with a Game Boy at the time, I would go around the neighborhood pretending to be the cool kid.

Despite the fact there are many games to choose from, I only play Tetris and Backgammon because the cars game is too stressful for me due to the blocks I must navigate. While Backgammon is the easiest game for me to play, Tetris is more challenging, which is why I play it the most.

I enjoy the rush of adrenaline as the level progresses and the blocks fall faster than I could have imagined. Totally an emotional roller coaster while on it.

In addition to Tetris, I'm also addicted to playing Solitaire. In fact, I keep a card in my room, so whenever I feel the urge to play, I simply grab it and play on my own.

I began playing Solitaire as a child in my small hometown, which is approximately four to five hours away from where I currently reside. Without formal instruction, I was able to master the game by observing my older brothers and father.

I can still recall the time when my father invited his friends over to play mahjong, solitaire, and other card games. As the youngest member of the family, I am always assigned the task of delivering snacks to them while they play. As it became a habit, I became familiar with what they were doing; consequently, by simply observing them play, I was able to absorb everything and later discover that I can play it as well.

While mahjong was a difficult game for me, solitaire was the only game I felt comfortable playing alongside my Tetris addiction.

Fast forward to today, and they're still the games I enjoy playing, even though we now have more advanced options in terms of difficulty, interactivity, and convenience. But I suppose I'll never grow out of something that was a part of my childhood.

But it's too bad that my game boy phone case doesn't work anymore. I even looked online to see where I could get a replacement, but instead of finding a new device, I came across a website that offers the same game online.

I was hesitant at first because there are so many websites now that offer free games, but they later caught you off guard with some strange catch. So that was something I was trying to stay away from. But it appeared to be straightforward and legitimate, so I went ahead and explored.

The website is and it has a very straightforward and classic interface that guarantees a user-friendly workaround. By just looking at it, Solitaire got my attention right off the bat and I was looking for a Tetris game right away. Although the name is a bit different as it is called Tetra Blocks now, it is still the same Tetris game I once played before.

So I first tried the Solitaire game and nothing changed actually. It is still the same Solitaire my childhood memory is giving me. You get a deck of cards at first, then you play. However, aside from its classic version, it also has a subcategory in which Klondike was a personal favorite and I won on my third try. Can you imagine that? Haha

Then I jumped into playing Tetris or Tetra Blocks, as this website is called. I was a little overconfident about my skill in playing the game when it had been a long time ago when I last played it. Although I can tell that I played it, the only highest I can get is Level 6 after many attempts.

I guess I have to settle for that and will try it again next time.

Overall, is really a fun website should you wish to walk down the memory lanes of your well-loved childhood games. Relive the fun and excitement of playing it again like you never were before.

You should try it too.

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