This World Milk Day, BEAR BRAND honors Batang Matibay

1:15 AM

While parents may have differing perspectives on child-rearing, they all want to raise their children to be Batang Matibays with Tibay ng Katawan, Isipan, and Kalooban to help them prepare for a better tomorrow.

This World Milk Day, BEAR BRAND celebrates every Batang Matibay with its Gabay sa Tibay program, a comprehensive nutrition education program that informs moms about the signs of TIBAY and the importance of including TIBAY nutrition in every glass of BEAR BRAND Fortified.

Moms can learn more about the TIBAY signs to look for and work toward as part of the Gabay sa Tibay program, which aims to help build generations of Batang Matibay:

Tibay ng Katawan

Tibay ng Katawan children are active and energetic in all of their activities. They also have a strong body resistance and an ideal height for their age due to their Tibay ng Katawan.

Tibay ng Isipan

A Batang Matibay has a strong mind in addition to his physical attributes. Their Tibay ng Isipan can be seen in their ability to pay attention in class or during conversations, as well as their ability to quickly pick up lessons and instructions.

Tibay ng Kalooban

A child with Tibay ng Kalooban has the ability to discern right from wrong, to be accountable, and to be driven and confident in achieving their goals, no matter how big or small.

With the Tibay Signs in mind, parents must provide adequate sleep and physical activity, as well as love and care and proper nutrition, to help their children grow into Batang Matibay. This is made possible by the Gabay sa Tibay program's guidance from BEAR BRAND to parents.

Through our Gabay sa Tibay Program in partnership with the Department of Education, we aim to reach more Filipino families and help them recognize the important signs to become Batang Matibay - one with Tibay ng Katawan, Tibay ng Isipan, and Tibay ng Kalooban,” says Kristine Goco, Group Brand Manager of BEAR BRAND Fortified.

Learn more about Bear Brand’s Gabay sa Tibay program and other World Milk Day activities by checking out BEAR BRAND’s official Facebook page. 

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