Davao Coffee Shops to Visit this 2022 – Part 2

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Despite the scorching summer heat in Davao City, Davaoeos are unstoppable when it comes to getting a hot cup of coffee to get them through the day. What's more interesting is that during this time of year, Davao coffee shops are filled with more coffee lovers and a lot of good buzz.

Coffee in Davao has progressed from the usual chain coffee shops to finely crafted espresso drinks served in contemporary settings. Fortunately, I was able to visit a few of them, and the first part of it had already been posted here. So, to keep the coffee crawl going here's the second set of coffee shops I visited.


Location: Tahimik Avenue, Matina

FLTRD is a minimalist coffee shop on a busy section of Matina that provides ample space to enjoy a cup of coffee. There are sufficient tables and chairs for you to work on your laptop and adequate space for you to move around and snap pictures. Even though they're just along the road, I would recommend opening a map for directions because they're not that noticeable, particularly when driving from north to south.

The barista prepares a Burbank, which contains espresso, matcha, and milk. Then I took a Chocoloco, which is essentially chocolate with milk and no coffee base, to go.

While the space is ideal for sipping a hot cup of coffee, I don't believe they stood out from the crowd. I'd appreciate it if they had something unique on their menu, rather than just the same coffee flavors as other coffee shops.


Location: Maharlika Village, Matina Aplaya

You can only get to the café on foot, about a few meters from the main road, from a narrow alley with a couple of sun-drenched chairs; and, just to set your expectations, finding parking in the area is extremely difficult.

Bashh is a good option for anyone looking for a way to unwind after a long day. It's a cool, minimalist space with helpful staff and pleasant music. Despite the fact that they only have a small space to set up their coffee shop, they have a lot to offer, including coffee, fruit teas, sandwiches, and much more.

I ordered Blueberry Parfait and Classic Bacon Eggdrop during my quick visit because I hadn't eaten yet. The entire Classic Bacon Eggdrop contains enough bites to make a decent meal, while the Blueberry Parfait is a light and refreshing treat with an almost imperceptible sweetness and creamy texture.

Although it was not on my order, the staff recommended that I try the Passion Fruit Soda, which is quite tasty and delicate in flavor. I forgot to inquire about the cost, but it is something you should try if you plan to visit them in the future.

WKND 1970

Location: Lanzona Subdivision, 9 Rigodon Street, Talomo

WKND 1970 is a small, welcoming neighborhood coffee shop that can be found along the street. They have a large menu to choose from, but I decided not to order anything because it was a hot sunny day during my visit and there was no shaded area where I could enjoy my coffee.

Due to its proximity to the road, expect vehicles to occasionally pass by while you sip your hot beverage or eat your meal, which I do not find hygienic due to dust.

Olo. Coffee

Location: Phase 1, 319, Ecoland, 6 A Street

Olo offers a casual coffee experience with a good and creative selection of beverages if you're looking for a cozy place to unwind after work. The cafe offers an environmentally-friendly take-out option, in which milk cartons are repurposed as coffee holders, allowing you to enjoy your hot cup on the go.

But who wouldn't want to drink their coffee in a café that is tastefully decorated with wood interiors, warm lighting, and a rustic touch? They also have a small outdoor area behind them where people can relax while waiting for their orders.

I order a hot Hojicha Latte and a cold Dirty Macha for their beverages. The ingredients for a hojicha latte are roasted green tea (hojicha), water, and milk. While these appear to be the only distinct components of the beverage, the smoky roasted flavor, a hint of cocoa, and the sweetness of the latte create a complex taste in the mouth.

Regarding the cold Dirty Matcha, I did not enjoy it. I'm not saying it's bad, but I'm not a fan of the drink's grassy, bitter flavor. Since it is their best-selling beverage, I was informed of the flavor profile and approved it before placing my order. Since I was forewarned, this is not a complaint.

I visited a few more coffee shops, about which I will write in my next entry.

I hope you enjoy this review as much as you did the previous one.

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