Fujitsu Global Delivery Center Philippines named UN Women 2022 Asia-Pacific WEPs Awards Regional Champion for Transparency & Reporting

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Fujitsu Global Delivery Center Philippines was recognized as the UN Women 2022 Asia-Pacific Women Empowerment Principles (WEPs) Awards Regional Champion in the Transparency & Reporting category, following its national triumph in the same category in October. Zoom was used on November 23, 2022, to present the prize virtually. UN Women was established as the UN's specialized agency to promote gender parity and women's empowerment.

The UN Women Asia-Pacific WEPs Awards has returned for its third year. Fujitsu GDC Philippines has taken home three straight national awards since it first opened. This is their first regional championship as well.

For the GDC, the award was accepted by Arlene Gregorio, Head of Fujitsu GDC Philippines. She spoke at the occasion and stressed the importance of ethics, transparency, and integrity in business, which are all tenets of the Fujitsu Way, Fujitsu's guiding philosophy.

It is an honor to receive this award on behalf of our company, Fujitsu Global Delivery Center Philippines. As a Responsible Business, one of our missions is to empower women by incorporating Diversity, Equality, Inclusion and Human Rights (DEI) in our business. Our DE&I programs resulted to the continuing sustained growth of our Center and higher engagement scores. We are at above benchmark levels in our EE scores related to DE&I, with consistent improvement in the last three surveys,” she said.


With the goal of measuring, analyzing, and reporting on the performance of their gender policies and practices across the value chain, companies in the Transparency and Reporting category go above and beyond what is required. In this section, we additionally recognize a company's ongoing reporting of progress against predetermined goals and the existence of robust accountability mechanisms. These businesses do more than just collect data; they actively work to improve their standing across a range of gender indicators, including representation of women in management and workforce roles.

Specifically, Fujitsu GDC Philippines was commended for its monthly, quarterly, and yearly evaluations of gender-related workplace rules and its execution of such initiatives.

Among the many gender indicators tracked and reported on by the GDC are the gender split of the company's leadership, the proportion of female employees among new hires, the prevalence of women-focused employee engagement events, and the success rate of the company's Women in Technology programs.

These efforts are in line with Fujitsu Global Delivery's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity Pillar of the Global Responsible Business Program. Fujitsu is a worldwide supporter of the Women's Empowerment Principles and a user of the UN Sustainable Development Goals framework, both of which help the company prioritize projects with enduring good effects in response to specific communities' challenges.

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