foodpanda: 2023 Foodie Resolution

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If you're one big foodie, it's likely that meal delivery apps like as foodpanda have become an integral part of your daily routine over the past year. Nothing should change this year, and if you create some lofty goals for the coming year, you can really push things to the next level.

With the help of foodpanda, we've been able to enjoy more variety and ease in our dining experiences over the past several years. The excitement that their extensive variety of food options and groceries brings to our stomachs is hard to resist, and we just can't get enough of it.

If you want to get the most out of getting your orders from foodpanda, you should start thinking about these online food delivery resolutions this year, which are quite simple yet extremely helpful:

Do Small Acts of Kindness To Ka-Pandas

Year after year, hardworking Ka-pandas across the nation have diligently and safely delivered our orders to our homes. And occasionally, small acts of generosity, such as tipping Kuya or Ate Ka-panda, can make an enormous impact and bring a smile to their cheeks. You can easily do so through the foodpanda app, and 100% of the tip goes to the delivery partners.

Similarly, we can practice compassion by aiding the fight against prank orders and false bookings, which waste the time and effort of delivery partners. foodpanda has a "no abono" policy in place to protect their Ka-pandas, but we should still avoid practicing this damaging activity and report any cases to foodpanda's in-app Help Center.

Remember that a little compassion goes a long way, and it's nice to keep this in mind as the new year begins!

Be pandAware of How to Make Your Orders Secure

Ordering food and everyday necessities should instill a sense of assurance that your transactions are safe and secure. The foodpanda app's security features, notably for cashless payments, will provide you with complete peace of mind.

However, even with these protective measures, we must remain attentive and never relax our guard. With its pandaware campaign, foodpanda provides you with important security recommendations for online transactions.

Explore New Dishes and Restaurants

According to the saying, variety is the spice of life. Therefore, for the new year, try unusual and diverse cuisine from the thousands of restaurants accessible through the foodpanda app.

Start by attempting to order from foodpanda's Panda Local Heroes, which are denoted by a pink badge on the app and consist of the top local and up-and-coming restaurants and retailers countrywide. Discover new cuisines that will tantalize your taste buds while also supporting flourishing startups.

Check out pandapick for more of their top recommendations and to gain access to restaurants, cuisines, and meals that are exclusive to foodpanda.

Try Out Online Grocery and Shops

By avoiding the long queues, you may spend more time to the activities that truly important. Order your daily necessities from foodpanda's online grocery store, pandamart, for quality goods and fresh supplies, as well as a vast selection of beauty, electronics, health, and personal care brands and products.

Save More by Going Pro 

Free delivery? Daily coupons? Exclusive discounts and offers? When you subscribe to pandapro, you have access to everything you need to save on delivery and pickup orders. In addition, you have access to foodpanda's dine-in service, allowing you to dine at your favorite restaurants.

For further savings, pandapay enables you to pay for your orders through their in-app wallet, which offers instant cashback on every top-up and use. The more orders you place with pandapay, the greater your rewards and savings!

With these straightforward objectives, your 2023 will be filled with delicious meals and exciting new experiences.

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