How I Became an EXOL and Why You Should, Too

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When I think back on when I first became interested in K-Pop, all I can remember is that it was right in the middle of the outbreak. Given my abundance of free time, I suffer from chronic boredom and am constantly on the lookout for new activities. Then, I guess I stumbled into a social media post from a buddy who is quite into K-Pop, and I decided to check it out.

That's probably where it all began.

As far as I remember, I was first exposed to K-Pop through another group that I would not name. Unlike what most people think, I was a die-hard enthusiast of their music and not just a casual listener. I'm such a huge fan that I've bought their merch, followed them on every available social media channel, and even rented a room to witness their online concert with two friends.

Nothing seems to make sense to me and I have no idea how this happened. The more time goes on, the less interest I have in participating in their activities, and the less I like their new music. I still listen to their older songs, but their newer material isn't what I'm looking for in a K-Pop group.

Over time, that became the primary reason why I no longer consider myself a fan of theirs.

Therefore, I made it a point to learn more about the K-Pop scene and become acquainted with various entertainment companies and their artists.

Then I saw a video by a group named EXO on YouTube. Even at that early stage, I could tell that this was the beginning of something I would come to adore.

EXO 10th Anniversary CSE

There are a lot of things about EXO that appeal to me, and I think most of their followers would agree with me.

I've developed an unexpected appreciation for their sound and live shows, and I'm also rather taken with the members' charm and good looks. In addition, I really respect the bond that the EXO boys have with their EXO-L.

Being an EXO fan has given me a sense of community and belonging that I've grown to appreciate.

It is hard for me to put into words exactly how it feels to be a fan of EXO, but I can say that being a fan of EXO is an experience that is both highly joyful and very gratifying. While being an EXO fan will mean different things to different people, we can all agree on two things: the chance to bond with like-minded individuals and the thrill of anticipating the release of new songs and performances.

I am aware that some people have started following EXO on a more personal level, and I too have a personal tale that I would like to relate the next time.

If you follow my social media accounts, you're probably aware that I'm really into this group. And I'm not even going into detail about my bias, Xiumin, and how much this person means to me. It sounds like a good idea for a separate post, so I'll save that for the next time.

Hosted the EXO 10th Anniversary Fan Event in EXO-CBX ensemble

Now, if you aren't already a fan of EXO and haven't been exposed to this powerful group, I'll give you a few pointers on how to begin your conversion to EXO fandom. I have a few recommendations for you:

Music: If you want to learn more about a group, one of the most effective methods to do so is to become familiar with the music that they create. Listen to some of EXO's top hits including "Love Shot," "Growl," and "Call Me Baby" to get started. B-sides like "Gravity" and "Cosmic Railway" were my personal favorites from them.

Members: Getting to know the nine members of EXO, who are all excellent performers, is the best way to become a true fan of the group. You can start by learning about them through their individual social media pages, reading about their histories, and watching interviews and variety show appearances. Suho serves as the group's leader, and its members include Xiumin, Lay, Chen, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Krungsoo, Kai, and Sehun.

Fandom: Many people who enjoy the music of EXO may be found chatting about the band in various internet forums. The best method to find out more about EXO and meet other fans is to sign up for discussion boards like on Kwangya Club, social media groups, and fan clubs. Since Twitter is the most effective means to rapidly disseminate information, it is where the majority of us interact with one another.

EXO-L 8th Anniversary CSE

Concert: Do not pass up the chance to witness EXO perform live if you have the chance to do so. Seeing EXO perform live and mingling with other fans is one of the best ways to get the most out of your fandom. Being a baby-L, I haven't had the pleasure of meeting all of the members just yet, but I did get to see two of them play at the BeYou2 in Manila!

Be You 2 in Manila with Xiumin and Chen

I have a lot more to say, but I'll save it for later. I really hope that these pointers will be of some use to you in your journey to become an EXO fan! Any time is a good time to join our group.

Let’s go!

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